Why I’m Running

I’ve lived in Pennsylvania for 12 of my cropped-ezra-nanes-headshot-final1.jpg45 years and for the last 8 years right here in Centre County. I’m a graduate of both the University of Pennsylvania (undergraduate with distinction) and the Penn State Smeal College of Business (MBA), where my classmates chose me to speak for them as valedictorian at our graduation ceremony.

Growing up in New York City, my brother and I learned from my mom and dad that we are responsible for the people around us, that we need to care for more than just ourselves. We need to care for our family and friends, our community, our town – even for people that we’ve never met.

I’m a working dad, husband of a working mom, with two young children in public school here in the 34th District. My amazing wife of 9 years, Mieke, and I have been fortunate to find good jobs with local businesses that have made it possible for us to call Central PA our home. We have health insurance through my work. Our children love their school. We have access to beautiful state and local parks and game lands. Our neighbors have become our friends.

Without our jobs, we wouldn’t be able to live here. Without our health insurance or the top notch public school system in our district or the fresh air, clean water and healthy forests of this region, the quality of our lives and our hopes for our children’s future would suffer tremendously.

I have skin in the game. I care about this place and the people of our district.

I want to make sure that everyone in our district has a chance to hope, as we do, and to believe in a better future. 

I see that many in our communities – working men and women, retirees, seniors, veterans and children – are not well-represented by our elected officials, who vote mean. They vote against things that would make many lives better, like an increase in the minimum wage or funding for mental health programs to help combat the devastating opioid crisis.

Our State Senate should deliver budgets on time and guarantee secure and dependable funding for education, CHIP, Medicare and Medicaid. Our students, families and seniors deserve our commitment to these important programs, so that they can plan for the future and not fear that the bottom will drop out from under them.

I will stand up for you – and I will fight for your interests – if you elect me to the office of State Senator.

We have a year until the election in November of 2018, and we have a lot of work to do before then.

This is an incredibly important election, and I need your help.

I ask you humbly for the opportunity to get to know you – what you care about, what you value, what keeps you awake at night.

And I invite you to get to know me. I think when you do, you will be proud to elect me to be your State Senator.

Thank you for your support. I look forward to meeting you!

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