• Public schools
  • Vocational training & Higher Education
  • School Safety

Education is the most important investment we can make in society. We must fully fund public education. We must invest in pre-kindergarten schooling, expand vocational and technical training opportunities, and make higher education more accessible. This includes protecting the funding state-related universities like Penn State receive from Harrisburg.

We must keep our children safe in schools. But arming teachers and janitors is not the solution. We can stop mass shootings before they happen. We need to fund more resources like counselors and social workers so that people can get the help they need before they commit atrocities like Parkland, Sandy Hook, and Columbine.


Economy & Jobs

  • Job Training and connection programs
  • Rebuild crumbling infrastructure

The economy and jobs are the confluence of all of the investments we can make. Clean energy, education, infrastructure investments – all of these priorities help bring good, family sustaining jobs to central Pennsylvania. We must support programs that help connect and train people for the jobs that are available.


Good Governance

  • Pass balanced budgets on time
  • Restore our declining credit rating
  • End gerrymandering

One of the most important jobs of the legislature is to pass a budget on time. Not doing so damages our economy and is irresponsible. We must bring our credit rating back up and passing balanced budgets on time will help do that. We must also ensure that the redistricting process is taken out of the hands of legislators and establish an independent and transparent redistricting commission.


Energy & Environment

  • Protect the land, water, and air
  • Transition and invest in clean energy solutions
  • Support responsible stewardship of natural resources and wildlife

We must protect the forests we hunt in, the streams we fish in, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the land we till. The beautiful environment around us is one of central Pennsylvania’s most valuable assets.

One of the best ways we can protect the environment is by accelerating our transition to renewable energy, particularly solar and wind. Not only do these technologies save us money on energy production, but they spare us from spending money cleaning up the damage done by other types of energy production. Clean energy is one of the fasting growing job markets in Pennsylvania – we can bring those jobs here.


Agriculture & Rural Priorities

  • Encourage and protect agriculture
  • Bring broadband internet to rural areas
  • Increase healthcare access in rural towns

Our rural areas and farmers are the backbone of our regional economy. We must treat broadband internet access like it is the new rural electrification. Broadband internet access allows farmers to access new markets, children to access the information they need to do their homework, and the elderly to access telemedicine. We need to rebuild our crumbling roads, bridges, and sewer systems.


Opioid Epidemic

  • End stigma
  • Increase access to long term treatment
  • Address over prescription of opioids

The opioid epidemic is shattering lives and communities across Pennsylvania and the nation. We need to address this critical issue by erasing the stigmas of drug use and increasing access to treatment. Treatment needs to include not just short-term detoxing, but long-term transitional support as well.

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